Burial Chamber, 16th century line drawings

Burial Chamber, 19th century photographs

Burial Chamber, 16th century photographs

There are nineteen maps attached to the book. Each map reproduces in scale the scenes found in each room of the church before and after restoration. Maps with line drawings identify the names of the scenes. Maps with photographs show both the 19th century overpaintings and the 16th century original frescoes.

For the photographic maps, all wall paintings were photographed before and after restoration. The images were then digitised and rectified using as a base the measured drawings of the church walls. Then the rectified images were assembled into photographic maps on the scale of 1:20 with the aid of CorelDraw and QuarkXpress software. The line drawing maps were made using as a base the photographic maps. For the book, these were then turned into digital maps on a scale of 1:35.

This kind of graphic and photographic documentation has not been done before in any of the painted churches of Bucovina. The editing of line drawing and photographic scaled maps is a work of particular technical difficulty, and is also a basic instrument offered to art historians and conservators for research. It is only through these maps that many of the scenes situated high up on the walls or in the tower of the church are at all visible.

Tower, 16th century line drawings

Tower, 16th century photographs

South facade line drawings