Will come out in early 2006

The Probota Monastery was built nearly 500 years ago, as the burial place of the ruling prince of Moldavia, Petru Rareş. The church of St. Nicholas is one of the famous Moldavian Painted Monasteries, and has been on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List since 1993. Between 1996 and 2001, UNESCO carried out extensive restoration work in Probota. The interior and exterior frescoes and the iconostasis of the church were restored; the church was thoroughly repaired and a heating system installed; several unknown monastic buildings were discovered during the archaeological excavations and the remains were consolidated and partly presented.

As the book describing the five-year UNESCO restoration project, The Restoration of the Probota Monastery , has already run out of print, Metaneira is preparing a second, improved, edition. Whereas the first edition described the achievements of the whole restoration project, the second edition will concentrate on that, which makes the Church of St. Nicholas unique: the frescoes and the flamboyant Gothic architecture. This revised version will have more full page pictures to better reveal the beauty of the 16th century frescoes and, in addition, very precise line drawings that show, wall by wall, all the scenes present in the church.

The monastery is situated in the middle of the small village of Probota, in the countryside of Moldavia. The book will also show the lives of the people who live around the monastery, and will tell how it has influenced their daily lives through the centuries.